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This campaign was mainly made to increase Sales using the pharmacy ' s hotline number so it can be stuck in people ' s minds whenever they want to order a pharmaceutical product. We diversified our approach this time by using resources like the summer season, influencers, Tiktok challenges, and on-ground activations. We collaborated with Yousra El-Gendy to do a song for the pharmacy using the hotline number. Then we made a challenge on TikTok using the song she created, the challenge was mainly to do a TikTok video with the song and win beauty products from the pharmacy, while 3 of the most creative TikTok videos won an iPhone 11 Pro Max. A lot of people did the Tiktok video and it boomed.

   HATELY'S Marketing campaign


White & White worked for HATELY'S Marketing campaign -- a Grocery shopping application Marketing nowadays is the base upon which any business succeeds. There are various methods to implement a successful marketing campaign. White&White went for embedding two major successful methods which are (Influencers Campaign) and ( On ground activation). The way we implemented each method was smart and to the point that led to a very huge impact on Hately ' s viewership and ranking on both IOS and GooglePlay. Before our campaign, Hately ranked 94 on IOS, after the campaign, it jumped to be number 8 on IOS and 4 on GooglePlay. This was astonishing we overachieved our target, but that was predictable since we believed in the effect .

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